Innovation, like an idea, is an unexpected association.

While the act of innovating, the Montecore approach, has always been about finding new meeting points in fashion, particularly in outerwear, the iconic product of the brand. To transform, change, and perfect: the hybridization that made Montecore famous in Italy and abroad involves bringing luxury craftsmanship and details into men's and women's outerwear.

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Since the first garment created in 2006, Fabio Peroni, the brand's founder, has had the desire to discover new opportunities in the hybridization of fabrics and techniques for dressing people constantly on the move. However, Montecore also demonstrates a deep care to ensure that each piece offers the rare and true opportunity to express one's personality.

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Inspired by the continuous and wonderful observation of the external world and its beauties, Peroni's creative direction, along with numerous collaborations, has linked the brand's vision to nature and its surroundings. This provides the opportunity to influence, grasp new insights, and put them into practice by creating cutting-edge solutions.

The ability to wear eternal and precious values, increasingly unique, aligns with the naturally experimental heritage of the brand. Marked by a constant pursuit of quality and aesthetics, Montecore finds its defining elements in craftsmanship, technology, and image. In 2011, the first Model 244 jacket was introduced, made with the original bistretch fabric: a revolutionary and finely effective solution with a new rainproof system.

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Time, then, is a broad and persistent concept in Montecore's philosophy. From the garment's design to its creation, the creativity of the design and the craftsmanship are guided by a higher vision of durability over time and with time. The outstanding outwear performance is complemented by intentionally timeless design.

The journey, the after, tomorrow, and the future interact with the present, providing the greatest and inexhaustible source of inspiration. Continuous contamination and balanced comparison represent the brand's direction.

Montecore's work is curatorial, intertwining art and craftsmanship. High-quality materials give life to collections designed to be lived and passed down. Clothing, more than anything else, will forever represent our way of seeing the world, living it, and respecting it. An outerwear piece, even more so, will tell our vision and our curiosity, wanting to live authentically and purely.

Because it's only in the freedom to move and experience outerwear that new unexpected associations, and therefore innovative ideas, can reveal themselves.